University of Pittsburgh Homecoming

By Weiping Xiao, Asian Studies Center Chinese Social Media Intern

Last week, the University of Pittsburgh held a series of Homecoming events, which hosted hundreds of students, alumni, faculty, and staff in attendance. Everyone was filled with passion and enthusiasm.

On Saturday, October 26th, I went to the biggest Homecoming event ¾ the Pitt football game. Since moving to Pittsburgh, I have not watched a football game because of my busy schedule. I was excited that I was able to carve out time to see the homecoming game. For a $10 student ticket and free transportation from campus, it was worth it, too.

It was a raining on Saturday, which dampened the atmosphere. However, I was looking forward to watching the game in action. For this event, our rival was the University of Miami, a very competitive member in our division. My friend and I took a bus from campus to Heinz Field and arrived at 11:30 PM to find seats. The game started with a music performance from the University of Pittsburgh marching band. Hundreds of band members spared no efforts to give the audience a fantastic performance. Afterwards, the game started.

During the game, Pitt’s football players found it difficult to make a touchdown and made a lot of mistakes, which gave the rival a bunch of opportunities to control the game. The game ended with a win by the University of Miami.

I really like the sports culture in the United States. It was exciting to see how enthusiastic students were and watch them continuously chant, although the team ultimately lost. I am looking forward to visiting Heinz Field again for future games and immersing myself more in Pitt’s sports culture.

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