CR/10 Project

Post by Rachel Jacobson, ASC Administrative Assistant

The CR/10 Project is a video interview project that seeks to preserve individual memories and impressions of China’s Cultural Revolution. Its title comes from “CR” for Cultural Revolution, and “10,” reflecting both the ten-year span of the Cultural Revolution, and the ten-minute length of the interviews recorded for the project.

Because history is complicated and memory is affected by geographical location, age, profession, family background, and many other factors, the CR/10 project seeks to record brief, intimate video interviews with both people who lived through the Cultural Revolution and individuals from the post-Cultural Revolution generation. The limit of ten minutes is integral to the project: rather than asking interview subjects to recount everything they remember, the time limit encourages them to reflect on what struck them most deeply.

In an interview currently posted on the project site, Haihui Zhang, an organizer of the project, described CR/10’s distinguishing features:

  • Neutral stance: it prioritizes individuals’ authentic experiences and impressions over limited political or academic viewpoints.
  • Origins: it is supported by the University Library System of the University of Pittsburgh, with the East Asian Library responsible for collecting the resource material.
  • Uniqueness: many electronic databases collect original documents and secondary research documents; CR/10 is the first database on the Cultural Revolution to collect video interviews about personal experience.
  • Sustainability: It is an ongoing project with far-reaching applicability. Not only will it preserve people’s memories of the Cultural Revolution, but teachers will also be able to use it in the classroom to inspire students to look at things from multiple points of view, in history and in other disciplines.

Full interview videos will be available for searching, browsing, and viewing at in Fall 2017.